Work on paper VIII


Klashorst’s work on paper is often very detailed and fine. Strong and precise because you can see his handwriting beautifully through coarse brush strokes. This beautiful work on paper is made in Pattaya, Thailand.


size: 53 x 41,5 cm

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In 2020 two great books about his work have been published. “Dirty Diaries” and “Peter Klashorst: unauthorized Cambodia & Gambia. Some of the works now offered here are depicted in those books.

Klashorst usually works on several works at the same time. According to him: “The Art of painting can be stopped (adding) in time”. If you love to paint as much as Peter, it is often difficult to stop at the right time. But if you work on several works at the same time, you can switch, take a step back and have a good look at work.



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