Authentications: Who owns the artwork

The Real Stuff Control Office is the only body authorised to authenticate Klashorst’s art. We do this to prevent confusion, fraud and misattribution.

How does the authentication process work?


  • Please fill out the form below, providing as much detail as you have on the history of your artwork.


  • The process will determine if you have a genuine commercial work of art by Peter Klashorst.
  • Should the work be verified we will issue you with a Real Stuff Control Office Certificate of Authentication.


  • We use the information provided to record you as the owner, this means no one else can pretend it belongs to them.


  • If you have multiple Peter Klashorst pieces that you’d like to be considered for authentication, please complete a separate form for each.

How much does it cost?


Processing a Screenprint for authentication = €100 + VAT  |  Processing an Original for authentication = €150 + VAT  | You will not be charged if the work is found to be a fake.